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Keeping Children Safe

Read about how we keep children safe in school

Your child's safety and well-being is our highest priority.


We start the day with a free breakfast club at 7.45am where all children are able to come for a filling and nutritious breakfast.


At 8.40am children are welcomed into school by teachers, senior leaders and family support staff. Parents and children are invited to share any worries with us or ask for support at any time.


When children aren't in school and parents haven't told us why, we always phone home so that we know children are safe.


There are numerous opportunities within the curriculum to teach children about staying safe including our PSHE lessons where we cover topics such as 'What does a bully look like?' and 'Which drugs are the most dangerous?' We teach our older pupils about sex and relationships including what a healthy relationship looks like.

Throughout the year we schedule a number of bespoke safety assemblies, these include subjects such as railways safety, cycle safety, stranger danger and understanding dogs.


Here the Year 6 children are graduating from the DARE programme (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)


All our staff are rigorously background checked and receive regular training on child protection and safer working practices.

How to keep children safe online


We take our duty to help children stay safe online very seriously. We have regular workshops where we teach junior children about how to keep their profile secure, how to report abuse, cyber bullying, sexting, trolling and gaming. Parents attended a forum with the theme online safety where they shared their experiences and were given information to help and support them. 



Saltmine Theatre Company brought their production 'Escape' to William Rhodes

Saltmine Theatre Company brought their production 'Escape' to William Rhodes 1

Safer Internet Day Feb 2018

Safer Internet Day Feb 2018 1 Create, Connect and Share Respect
Safer Internet Day Feb 2018 2 Internet Safety Assembly
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