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Information about school during Covid 19 restrictions

Remote Learning Provision at William Rhodes

Schools re-opening to all children

From the 8th March 2021 the government have instructed schools to opening again to all children. 


Keeping everyone in school safe

Under no circumstances should parents & carers send their child to school if they or any member of the household have any symptoms indicating Covid-19 or have been asked by Public Health England or NHS Test &Trace to self-isolate.

NHS England define symptoms as:

1.   Fever or high temperature (including ‘hot to touch’)

2.   New, persistent cough

3.   Loss or change in taste or smell

Parents must report through to AJ in the usual way, by ringing school before 9.00am on the first day of absence.


Remote learning

If your child self-isolating we will provide them with their education remotely. We will use pre-recorded lessons and the teacher will check in with them on the phone or using Teams. If you need to borrow a laptop to access the lessons, please ask AJ and she will arrange for one to be provided for you.


Arrangements for children who become unwell

If pupils become unwell in school with symptoms of Covid-19, then they will be isolated in school until taken home by a parent or carer, who must then arrange for their child to be tested by phoning 119.


Siblings will also need to go home and parents must follow the ‘Stay at home’ guidance.


As a school, we are required to ask you to inform us of when a test has been arranged to take place, and the outcome of that test once completed.  If a pupil or member of staff tests positive for Covid-19, they must then follow the ‘Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (Covid-19) infection’:


We must inform Public Health England of any positive test outcomes. Public Health England then advise the school on appropriate next steps to manage risk.



How children are in school are organised

Children are being taught in their own classes each day. Our pupils will be organised into groups or ‘pods’ with as little interaction as possible across groups. Play areas are designated to particular year groups to reduce cross contamination. The toilets will be also need be shared with children from other pods. Where areas are shared there will be enhanced cleaning throughout the day. This means that the children should only have transitory contact with another child from a different class/ pod when visiting the toilet or passing in the corridor on their way to play outside. 


Other Important Measures


Strict hand-washing routines and respiratory hygiene measures will be in place. 

Pupils will be required to either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival at school, every time they visit the toilet and before and after eating at break times.  Soap and hand sanitizer will, of course, will be provided by the school. Each classroom has ample supply of tissues for children to capture sneezes or to blow their nose, and a foot-operated lidded bin for their safe disposal. It is  important that your child follows handwashing and social distancing guidelines when not in school as well.  Please ensure that they wash their hands in line with government guidance upon arrival home, and when leaving home in the morning to come to school.


Our enhanced cleaning routines and systems will fully comply with the government requirements. 


Children should wear school uniform each day.


The amount of equipment children bring into school each day will be limited to essentials, such as water bottles, lunch boxes, hats & coats and reading books. Children will be provided with stationery and will be encouraged to retain these for their own use only.


Classroom-based resources, such as books and games, can be used and shared within the group; these will be cleaned regularly, along with all frequently touched surfaces.


Pupils can take books and other shared resources home, although unnecessary sharing will be avoided, especially where this does not contribute to pupil education and development.  Books will be isolated for a period of time when they are returned to school.


Resources that are shared between pods, such as sports, art and science equipment, will be cleaned frequently and will either be cleaned between pods, or rotated to allow them to be left unused and out of reach for 48 hours (72 hours for plastics) between use by different pods.


Outdoor playground equipment will be more frequently cleaned and hand railings will be cleaned throughout the day.


PE/ physical activity will be a part of our provision  with priority given to outdoor sports.  Children will not be getting changed for PE as they are already in leggings or joggers, but will be required to have a named pair of black plimsolls that are kept in school at all times. PE equipment will be cleaned or rotated between groups.


Our free school breakfast club is open every day. Please phone or email AJ to book a place. Children should arrive between 7.45am and 8.00am.


After-school clubs These are paused for the time-being until we have more information about how we can safely run these across pods.


First aid will be administered by qualified staff. Children will be treated in the first aid room. All surfaces will be thoroughly cleansed in-between children.


Staff can move between classes and pods. However, we are keeping this to an absolute minimum and only moving between classes/ pods fleetingly or if absolutely unavoidable.


Lunchtime plan. Children are having a hot option or packed lunch provided by the Parkside kitchen (unless they bring their own sandwiches from home). They eat at their tables in the classroom. Straight after lunch, the children will play outside with their class pod, depending on the weather.


Staff email addresses:


Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Purvis


Deputy Headteacher & SENCO: Mrs Jackson


Nursery Owls: Miss Dudley


Reception Rabbits: Mrs Brookes


Y1 Hedgehogs: Mrs Harris


Y2 Foxes: Miss Cass

Y3 Jays: Miss Newman


Y4 Kingfishers: Mrs Elliott


Y5 Nightingales: Miss Burgess


Y6 Woodpeckers: Miss Farrow

Mrs Gregson


Family support & Deputy designated safeguarding lead: Miss Mark


General queries / attendance/ dinner money: AJ


Uniform or Nursery admission enquiries: Mrs Cook


Governance or finance: Mr Benn


School phone number 01246 234 626


Please note: all communication from us will now come through Parent Hub. Please make sure you've downloaded the app and are following our school @williamrhodes



Start and Finish Times




Drop off



Nursery Owls   









Reception Rabbits

Miss Dudley









Mrs Brookes

from 8.40am











Mon-Fri 11.45am









Mon-Thurs 2.50pm

Fri 1.50pm


Please wait on the top path before being called to the  Nursery garden



Please wait on the drive in front of the school


Y1 Hedgehogs


Mrs Harris




Mon-Thurs 3.00pm

Fri 2.00pm




At KS1 gate (on Hunloke Avenue close to Parkside top gate)

Y2 Foxes

Miss Cass


Mon-Thurs 3.05pm

Fri 2.05pm



At KS1 gate (on Hunloke Avenue close to Parkside top gate)

Y3 Jays

Miss Newman


Mon-Thurs 3.00pm

Fri 2.00pm



At main gate

(on corner of Hunloke Avenue & Central Avenue)

Y4 Kingfishers

Mrs Elliott


Mon-Thurs 3.05pm

Fri 2.05pm


At main gate

(on corner of Hunloke Avenue & Central Avenue)


Y5 Nightingales

Miss Burgess


Mon-Thurs 3.00pm

Fri 2.00pm



At KS2 gate on Central Avenue

Y6 Woodpeckers

Mrs Gregson & Miss Farrow


Mon-Thurs 3.05pm

Fri 2.05pm

At KS2 gate on Central Avenue