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Maths at KS1 & KS2


Maths YR to Y6:

We use Power Maths Programme across the school. This mastery programme is created in partnership with White Rose and includes detailed planning & guidance (including online tutorials) as well as text books and practice books.

  1. The lesson begins with a Power Up fluency task to sustain prior learning, consolidate number facts and establish the lesson’s confident, can-do tone.
  2. Next, children share, explore and learn from a Discover problem, presented with some focused questions to guide their thinking.
  3. After the Discover stage, children discuss their learning in a Share activity. During this whole-class, interactive learning phase, children share their thinking and look for the best ways to solve the problem.
  4. The lesson then moves into a Think Together section.
  5. In the Practice section, children use the cleverly devised Practice Books to apply and rehearse what they’ve learned.
  6. Finally, a Reflect section brings each lesson to a conclusion. Not a traditional plenary: it involves everyone looking back on what they feel they’ve each learned, and it’s a great way of helping each child to understand and consolidate their learning.

Teachers are provided with a range of age-appropriate concrete maths tools (manipulatives) to help children to really grasp the mathematical concepts they are dealing with.


Maths – Fluent in Five & X tables:

Fluent in Five is an essential daily programme for developing fluency in the number operations from Y3 upwards (before then children do the Power Up only). It is essential that it is marked together as that is where the teaching of efficient methods and the addressing of misconceptions happens. We also have 2 or 3 slots a week set aside for TimesTables Rock Stars. We need to test children’s mental arithmetic weekly and specifically teach areas requiring improvement.