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Friday 05/03/2021


Dear Parents and carers 


It's Friday so dough disco and today we have Baby Shark to work our fingers to. I have recorded a favourite story of mine followed by a mini beast rhyme. Thankyou for all your time, effort and photographs, I very much look forward to seeing you  all at Nursery on Monday - don't forget we have a new garden gate - look for me near the balloons and you will see the new gate.

Thursday 04/03/2021


Dear Parents and Children,


Today is world book day and we begin our day by reading a story all about world book day this is followed by two craft activities you will need your paper, potato , paint and glitter. There is also a reading scavenger hunt and lastly there is a masked reader quiz. Just follow the link and guess who is reading the story it's sure to make you giggle. Don't forget to share your craft activities with Miss Dudley, pop in to the chat session today to win a prize.

'Ten Fat Sausages' written and narrated by Michelle Robinson

Ten fat sausages sizzling in the pan... decide to escape, if they can!

Wednesday 03/03/2021


Dear Parents and Children,


Today we have another Squiggle while you wiggle as well as using felt tips you might want to use a shallow tray of salt or sand or maybe even  chalks. Then there is another science activity using skittles and water, if you don't have skittles coloured cereal should work fine. Finally there is a an under the sea exercise activity with Andy from Cbeebies and a story to rest and relax to.


CBeebies | Andy's Wild Workouts | Under the Sea!

Andy goes on an adventure to find the biggest fish in the ocean. Join him as he meets an octopus, white tipped shark and a huge whale shark and learns how to...

Tuesday 02/03/2021


Hello Everyone,

For our first activity today you will need a little bit of milk and food colouring- I have a great little activity which promotes lots of discussion and observation from very simple ingredients. Just a heads up but if you are able to get hold of either a packet of skittles or coloured cereals they will be needed for an activity tomorrow. After that there is an activity investigating  the number one followed by rhymes and  a story where you get clues to guess the setting of the story. Are you able to guess the story setting from my bag of clues? 

Monday  1/3/21


Dear Parents and children,


This week we round up our learning about the care of fish by completing our craft fish tank which we began last week, then there is an interactive game to listen to and play with Miss Dudley. What animals do you think we will hear at the zoo? Finally there is a great story by the author Joseph Coelho  we will see more of his work this week as Thursday is world book day and we will be completing lots of fun activities. If you can get a potato for one of Thursdays activities that would be great. I hope to see you at one of the daily chats. Don't forget you can contact me by email and I love seeing your photos of your completed activities.smiley

Luna Loves Art By Joseph Coelho, Illustrated by Fiona Lumbers

Joseph Coelho reads his book Luna Loves Art, illustrated by Fiona Lumbers.

Friday  26/02/2021



Dear parents and Children,


Its Friday so that means dough disco and a dough disco challenge, don't forget to send in a photograph of your dough disco challenge. There is a craft activity in which you can talk about floating and sinking with the children or even colour identification and textures. To go with the glittery seaside theme there is a story about sharing a shell.  

Instructions for making a Magic Bottle

sharing a shell by Julia Donaldson

Thursday 25/02/21


Today there is a mixed bag of activities from listening activities to craft and a story. For the craft activity  you will need to gather your box , some paints or paper. Please don't worry about completing this activity straight away as we will come back to it next week , this should give you plenty of time to let it dry. Tomorrow we will need a small  empty plastic bottle that we can see through for one of Fridays activities.

Wednesday 24/02/21


Dear Parents and Children,


It's squiggle while you wiggle day (yeah smiley)  with a relaxing tune allowing for some slow deliberate movements. Don't forget to save your written squiggles to display in our nursery and keep those photos coming in to celebrate you and your children's success. A little bit of fun for rhyme time - join me and captain Flynn the puppet as I attempt to  dress up as a pirate and sing a rhyme and dance a pirate jig. Send in a photo if you dress up like me. Just a little bit of notice on Thursday we will be beginning our big craft activity, you will need a  cardboard box it doesn't have to be  big  just easily able to be covered in paint or paper.

TEN LITTLE PIRATES | Story Train Read aloud for kids | with sound effects

Tuesday 23/02/21


Hello Children and Parents,


Today we have a mixture of creative fishy crafts, counting and ordering activities. There is also a rhyme about  5 jelly fish and a funny story about Barry the fish with fingers. Don't forget to post me a photograph of your jellyfish and a big thankyou to those parents who have emailed me information about their pets. Just to give you a heads up for Friday  we will be using an empty water bottle in our activity so if you can save a clear  plastic water bottle it would be very helpful it doesn't matter the size. Thank you, Miss Dudley.

Barry The Fish With Fingers by Sue Hendra

Monday 22/02/2021


Dear Parents and Carers,


Today we begin a new topic all about animals and pets, during the course of our learning we will look at the types of animals we keep as pets in our houses as well as  learning all  about farm animals and wild animals. A big focus of this activity is to correctly name the animal and  it's young, as well as naming  it's body parts and the habitat it lives in. If you do  have a pet, send me a photograph and an email telling me all about your pets. The topic begins firstly  by looking at fish , we will aim to make our own fish tank so any spare boxes please save them. We have a lovely glittery story all about a fish called  Bright Stanley who has many adventures. We make a fish and share fishy rhymes. Don't forget to drop in and see me from 1.30 pm  each day I love catching up with you all sharing your work and just having a chat. smiley

Baby Shark Original (Extended)


Friday  12/02/2021


Dear Parents and Carers,


Today we begin with dough disco boogie followed by information and activities for celebrating the start of the Chinese New year which begins today. There is a craft activity using those saved egg boxes which I think you will enjoy. A short clip from the Go Jetters  demonstrating the dragon dance  and finally an animated story of Handa's surprise. Don't forget to send in your photos of your dragons and videos of the dough disco boogie. smiley




Chinese New Year, Dragon Dance Drama

Thursday  11/02/ 2021


Dear Parents,


Today is another mixed bag of activities taking into account pancake day next week on the 16th of February. First we begin with a craft activity - making a bus for the children to add and subtract with. All you will need is some recycled card and paint a very easy task. On Pancake day at  nursery we would encourage the children  to explore mixing, cooking and tasting pancakes . So I  have provide two songs which just needs a little equipment like a  frying pan, sieve, spoon for the children to have fun with. Finally there is a story about the runaway pancake to listen to. Don't forget to send me a picture of your bus - or even your pancakes we can talk about them in our catch up time and add them to our display folder after our break.

Wednesday  10/02/2021


Dear Parents,


Today we try the tricky  curly wurly shape in Squiggle while you wiggle - don't forget your flipper flappers. Followed by  a craft activity using paint and pom poms - here also are a few ideas for valentines day . This is followed by a rhyme and  we end with  a lovely story about social distancing but maintaining friendships. I love the illustrations in this book- let me know if you liked it .

While We Can't Hug by Eoin McLaughlin

Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch.

Tuesday  09/02/2021


Dear Parents,


Today is National Safer Internet day 2021 and as a setting we are spending the  day helping the children to become internet safety aware.  I have included advice for yourselves especially, for pre school children and information for the children. There is a story about Smartie the penguin who helps to explain how to use the internet safely, after that there is a quick and simple craft activity to make Smartie the penguin. Don't forget to post a picture of Smartie  to Miss Dudley.

Supporting preschoolers online (0-5s) | Internet Matters

Advice for parents about supporting their Preschool children on line.

Monday   08/02/2021


Hello Parents and Carers,


It is a busy week this week as we are continuing to work on the traditional story of Goldilocks and the Three bears. We also have a number of special activity days which I will be telling you about throughout the week. This week there are a lot of craft activities so save your  egg boxes and cardboard. Today we make a Goldilocks to go with our story crown. There is a  story and a rhyme time in which the children will need some spoons to join in with the rhyme. Don't forget to keep  sending in the photo's and video's also bring your completed activities to our daily chat.  See you all there.

Friday   05/02/2021


Dear Parents,


Join me for dough disco boogie and a dough challenge- Don't forget to send me a photo of your completed challenge. In nursery we love singing the wheels on the bus here, is a slightly different version which I hope you like. Finally there is a link to a lovely story all about the dawn chorus - we might not be able to go out doors as much as we want to but this story will bring the outdoors into your living room. Enjoy.smiley

Thursday 04/02/2021


Hi All,


It  is a painting , mark making day, so you will need paper, paint and brushes. If you haven't got these pens and paper will do.  Then we have a silly song all about a camel and her humps- I even make humps from pipe cleaners if you've got five spare you might like to have a go at making your own humps to count and take away. Finally there is a story about the adventures of three owls don't forget to join in with the story when you can.

Wednesday  03/02/2021


Dear Parents and carers,


We begin our morning with squiggle while you wiggle our fun filled mark making session, don't forget your flipper flappers, paper and pens and join myself for a bit of fun. Next find a coat, hat scarf and gloves as we learn a new rhyme. Finally there is a short picture book which I read aloud keep your eye out for the sneaky fox. It's a great book for talking about positional language above, below, next too etc.


Tuesday 2/02/2021


Dear Parents,


Today we are making a story crown to help us with the retelling of the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You will need some paper, card felt tips and glue. After that I have a new rhyme which is called zoom, zoom zoom were going to the moon. Then I read a funny story about Aliens and their love of underpants. Don't forget to share with me your  homemade alien or under pant pictures.

Monday  1/02/2021


Dear Parents,


Welcome to a new week of fun and learning this week we have a new book : Goldilocks and the Three Bears, can you gather together an assortment of bears or toys which demonstrate large, medium and small? For our first activity we begin by investigating objects which are long and short - can you take a picture of your longest and shortest object in your house? What was the strangest object you used to measure with?

Then we have a new rhyme to sing and a new dance from go noodle to raise our heart rate and have fun.

Finally to cool down Miss Dudley reads the story  of the next few weeks aloud- please try to encourage the children to join in - don't forget we are working on asking those questions of who, where what and why?


Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle

Warm up your bodies and dance to go noodle - can't stop the feeling

Friday 29/01/2021


Dear parents,


Its another fun filled Friday with dough disco boogie then there is a letters and sounds activity  song to join in with, followed by the rhyme Miss Polly had a Dolly.  Don't forget to bring your dolly or teddy and your doctors hat and bag. Finally join me in building a den to read today's story . All I used for my den was a blanket , some furniture , cushions and a torch. In nursery the children are very good at playing hide and seek so maybe you can play hide and seek in the house or if the sun is shining outside in the garden. Let me know where was the best hiding place for your game.

Thursday 28/01/2021


Dear Parents,


Today is a mixed bag of activities to complete  firstly, there is cloud dough to make.  You will find the recipe down below  you will need just two ingredients oil and flour and room to play - it is a lovely sensory activity.  Then as part of our continued work on Letters and Sounds Phase 1 you will need  to collect objects which begin with the same letter e.g. b bat, ball, bin. or letter s or t etc. or whatever you have to hand. Let me know how you find the cloud dough. Don't forget to tell me what object you think I've got beginning with the sound g.

Wednesday 27/01/2021


Dear Parents,


Get your flipper flappers ready - or your socks, it's squiggle while you wiggle or better still ,the sock dance!  Watch what happens to Miss Dudley's flipper flappers- who can tell me in our chat?

There is a lovely short craft activity just needing bubble wrap and felt tips, if you want to get involved in the singing bring a pretend pan or your real pan and playdough. I have added a lovely story by Julia Donaldson and  a website link and password  to lots more free stories. Keep up the good work Owls and don't forget to send the photos of your squiggle while you wiggle work.smiley

The Go-Away Bird by Julia Donaldson and Catherine Rayner read aloud

If you would like to access more lovely stories have a look at this website: Use the password love2read. There are lovely books for older and younger siblings too.

Tuesday 26/01/2021


Dear Parents,


Today you will need some Penne pasta or other pasta that can be threaded on to string or ribbon no more then ten or fifteen pieces of pasta. The pasta could firstly either be decorated via felt tip or by painting it in your favourite colours. Once completed don't forget to share with Miss Dudley either in our chat or by email. I have included a video of one of our favourite songs London Bridge is falling down - as you have been busy building bridges at home. Lastly there is a video of myself reading a modern version of the Three Billy Goats Gruff story.


Monday 25/01/2021


Dear Parents,


Today we continue our work on the Three Billy goats gruff by building a bridge for the goats to cross, don't forget to say  "who's that trip trapping over my bridge". To complete this activity you will either need bricks or recycled boxes for your bridge design . Next have a wonder around your house and collect objects which the children can compare the size of, we are looking for big, medium and small objects e.g. big bowls, medium sized bowls and small bowls. Finally today there is a lovely short clip from BBC radio in which there is a game of sound identification and a song about the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

I would love to see your photos of your bridge design send them to my email thanks.

Friday 22/01/2021


Dear Parents,


It's fun Friday so we begin with dough disco - I know from the photos you have sent me how much you are all enjoying this activity. Remember if you need a recipe for dough or to refresh yourself about the moves look back to last Friday. For activity two you will need objects from your house that you can use as a shaker and a drum and I recommend a few more sounds to make. Finally I have provided you with a link to a book that the children love reading, singing and dancing to in nursery . Have a great weekend smiley

If You're Happy and You Know It! | Barefoot Books Singalong

If You're Happy and You Know It! | Barefoot Books Sing along

Thursday 21/01/2021


Dear Parents,


Todays learning has got a farm animal theme running through it. For the craft activity you will need an assortment of cardboard tubes, paper, pencils glue and pegs. We have a go at making the Three Billy Goats Gruff focusing on the language of size e.g.  large, medium and small. Then we sing Old Macdonald had a farm using my farm animals. It would be helpful if you could help the children to learn the name of the farm animal babies. Do you have a favourite farm animal?  Can you draw me a picture which we will be sharing later with our friends? Finally there is a lovely short story to listen to.

Wednesday  20/01/2021


Dear Parents,


Today we have another session of squiggle while you wiggle so paper, and felt tips will be needed. There is a puppet story and an action rhyme using Makaton actions. A heads up for tomorrows activities you will need kitchen roll or toilet roll tubes , pegs and crayons. Enjoy today and remember don't stop moving.smiley



Tuesday  19/01/2021


Dear Parents,

Today we combine a craft activity with counting and letter recognition  to make our  name card-  You will need card, paint or felt tips for the first activity . Once made in what ever style you like don't forget to email me a photograph. When you take part in the singing today you might like to use your playdough and pretend money to make hot cross buns to sell in the bakers shop.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff | Fairy Tales | Gigglebox

The Three Billy Goats Gruff can't wait to cross the bridge and eat the sweet green grass that's on the other side. But can they get past the Bad Old Troll?

Monday 18/01/2021


Dear Parents,


This week we begin with a number activity, you can either make number cards like Miss Dudley or use ready made ones, to complete the activity you will need something that the children can use to count out to match the number on the card . I recommend bricks, pasta or buttons. Don't forget to share your learning journey and send me a photograph or video clip. There is an action rhyme to join in with and a  new traditional story. The  story of The Three Billy Goats gruff. Try to encourage the children to join in with the language in the story e.g. who's that trip trapping over my bridge etc. We will be making a few craft items to go with our own retelling of this story - so save kitchen rolls, and cereal boxes if you can.

Friday 15/01/2021


Dear Parents 

Today is dough gym in which we get to build the strength in our fingers in preparation for writing. If you haven't got any playdough don't worry I have provided two recipes with a cooked version and an uncooked version. If you are not able to get hold of the ingredients you can still take part in this activity by crumpling up a sheet of paper into a ball fastened with sticky tape.  Enjoy the boogie.


Thursday 14/01/2021

Dear Parents,


Today our activities are linked by the words in, out, on , under and next too . After watching the first activity find a box, or small children's chair and one of the children's favourite toys and get them to place their chosen toy in different positions using directional language . To extend the activity you could add two or three more toys and make the sentences more complex e.g.  put the red brick  underneath the little chair. You could even let the children tell you where to place the toys. This is followed by a lovely short story and a few rhymes.

Wednesday 13/01/2021


Dear Parents,

 Today we have session 2 of Squiggle while you wiggle in which I recap on the last sessions  learning and introduce circles into this session. As always lots of fun - grab your flipper flappers - your socks, and lets rock. The second activity today focuses upon using  the children's voice  it is a phase 1 letters and sounds activity. As an extension activity you could cut out pictures from a magazine , or draw your own pictures of a cow, fireworks , a train and a girl  if you make cards you can keep recapping on these sounds like we do in nursery.

Just a little heads up tomorrow we will be using playdough for an activity - if you haven't got any don't worry I will provide you with  some recipes   nothing special is needed just flour, salt and water.


Tuesday 12/1/2021


Dear Parents for today's activities I recommend that you gather together pens, paper and safety scissors as well as  an assortment of pot's and pans as well as two beaters, wooden spoons etc.  I have placed an extra sheet of nursery rhymes which could be used with the pots and pans musical activity.



 Letters and sounds Phase One  Aspect 2 - General sound discrimination - instrumental sounds 

This aspect aims to develop children's awareness of sounds made by various instruments and noise makers. Activities include comparing and matching sound makers, playing instruments alongside a story and making loud and quiet sounds.

Nursery rhymes to sing

Monday 11/01/2021


Dear Parents,


I hope you have  had a lovely weekend, thankyou for all your photographs and positive comments, please keep them coming. I begin this week with an identification and simple pattern  activity.

Heads up parents for this activity you might like to get the children to sort two different sets eg. Socks and t- shirts or Lego and farm animals and help them to make a simple pattern. In nursery we carry out lots of sorting and pattern making activities using numbers , colours or objects in preparation for reception class.  In the Story and rhyme time you might need to collect three or four favourite toys to play I spy with. If the children find it tricky to hear a sound give them clues about the object appearance or use  e.g. it makes a certain noise or is a particular colour.

Friday 08/01/2021

Dear Parents,

Just to give you all a heads up - to complete one of the activities today you will need flour, and salt- there are lots of future activities that we will use these ingredients in - it will not be wasted. I hope that as it is the weekend you will have the opportunity to make the salt dough. 

 I have posted two video's demonstrating squiggle why you wiggle a really fun activity that I would like to post weekly for Owls class. Below you will find information about the benefits of the activity to your child's learning:

Squiggle While You Wiggle is a kinaesthetic approach to stimulate early writing. Children use movement with music to develop their motor skills in preparation for writing. Through Squiggle While You Wiggle, children begin using ‘Flipper Flappers’ to rehearse a range of shapes, which lead to children mark-making with chunky pens, in preparation for more formal writing.

If nothing else I can promise the videos will make you smile today smiley


Salt Dough Recipe and Instructions

Thursday 07/01/2021

Dear Parents,

After reading the story it would be great if you can discuss with your child what fruit and vegetables they like or dislike . If you have some fruit or vegetables to hand you could play a game - guess the vegetable by giving clues about the foods, taste, texture or colour. Another great activity which you could complete would be to draw around a plate and using paper and crayons or felt tips make a plate of food. Remember to share your work with Miss Dudley Via my school email address. 

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Dear All,


To extend your child's learning after watching  the action rhyme you might want to grab some paper, pencils and felt tips and make your own Tommy Thumb hand like Miss Dudley.

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers


This week starts the beginning of our learning about traditional tales for our first book we are reading and retelling the story of the Gingerbread man. I hope you enjoy sharing the story together. After reading the story you might like to draw or make a model of the Gingerbread man.

Singing  and Rhyme Time