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Learning remotely is not easy. Keep trying! We won't let this dreaded virus stop us investing in our 'brain banks'!


NEW: Scroll down for:

           Music  -activities from Mrs Charles- give her a thumbs up on YouTube!

           Keep Calm and Carry On! -guided meditation 

           Science spot!   - the Great British Bird Watch

           Get creative! - make an Iron Man model

            Get Active - PE and movement activities (keep an eye open for Mrs Richards!)

           X TABLES - learn them!

Remember - if you would like to share any pictures of your work or need to message me, I can be contacted at:



Listen to Ted Hughes read his story - The Iron Man

Use your class reader to follow the text as the author reads. PLEASE KEEP UP TO DATE WITH THIS! You will need to know the story well for your English lessons.

X Tables
Science spot!
Get Active!
Get creative!
Work for Friday 22nd January

It's FRIDAY! Diary writing day.

As well as the lessons below,  make sure you have clicked on the Music

activities sent by Mrs Charles. You will also need to start thinking about  how to make  your Iron Man!

Work for Thursday 21st January
Work for Wednesday 20th January
Work for Tuesday 19th January

Work for Monday 18th January

Please make sure you are up to date with all the lessons from last week

Today is a 'catch-up' day for anyone who has missed or not finished lessons from last week (especially those pupils in school, where snow caused disruption).


MUSIC from Mrs Charles

Weeks 1 & 2 Activities

Week 3 Activities

Work for Friday 15th January


Work for Thursday 14th January
Work for Wednesday 13th January


Below are some ideas that might help you to feel a little better if things are not too good at the moment!

Extra activities that can be done on any day.
Work for Tuesday 12th January

Work for Monday 11th January

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Please do the handwriting before you begin your English lesson.

Work for Friday 8th January
Work for Thursday 7th January
Work for Wednesday 6th January
Work for Tuesday 5th January