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The Governing Board



 Make up of our governing board

Our Governing Board is made up of 9 members. There are 2 staff members, 2 parent governors, 4 co-opted members and 1 Local Authority governor. As a small group we all meet monthly to discuss the strategic direction of the school, academic standards and use of resources.

Name Governor Type & Responsibility
 Rachel Purvis  Staff - Headteacher
 Joanne Dudley  Staff
 Sarah Bondzulic


 Vacancy      Local Authority 
 Tim Rourke  Co-opted (Chair of Governors)
 Georgina Blair  Co-opted
 Vacancy  Parent
 Mark Serby  Co-opted
 Charlotte Clements  Co-opted


 What do governors actually do?

 Watch this short film to find out.

 Attendance register of governors over previous 12 months

Name Category Term Start Term End Reason for Leaving Attendance at meetings 2019-20 Business & Financial Interest and Governance at other schools
Tim Rourke Co-opted      N/A 100%  
Rachel Purvis Headteacher 11/04/2016  N/A  N/A 100% None
Joanne Dudley Staff 12/09/2016 11/11/2020  N/A 100% None
Mark Serby Co-opted 18/03/2019 18/03/2023 N/A    
Charlotte Clements            
Andrea Beardmore            
Sarah Bondzulic            
Georgina Blair Co-opted 19/03/2018 19/03/2022 N/A   None


 Getting in touch with a governor


 If you'd like to get in touch with a governor, please ring school and ask for James Benn, Clerk to the Governors who will give you contact details. He can be contacted on or by phoning the school on 01246 234626