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The Local Governing Team

At William Rhodes Primary and Nursery School we have a team of governors that work as volunteers to support the school.  Their role is to support and challenge the headteacher, to help set the vision and strategic direction of the school and to ensure that our school is the very best it can be.


Local Governing Team (LGT) Organisation

We have 4 meetings each year where all Governors attend.  During these meetings we look at a wide range of information to find out how well the school is performing.  A detailed Headteachers report and safeguarding report is discussed at these meetings but we also look at data reports so that we can make our own decisions about how well things are going.


Governor Support

To support the work that goes on, Governors also try to visit school as often as possible.  We particularly enjoy talking to the children about their school.  If you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact the school.


New Governors

If an individual is interested in being a member on our LGT they would meet with the Chair and Headteacher and discuss what they would bring to the team, this would get shared with the team and then invited to attend a meeting where they would be appointed.


Our Local Governing Team

We are proud to have a committed team that is made up of individuals with a range of backgrounds and experience.  


Please see the list below of our LGT who are appointed in the LGT meetings and serve 4 years as terms of office.


Governors are asked on an annual basis regarding business interests and they are recorded below. 


If any interest a governor has could be seen to cause a conflict of interest they would be asked to withdraw from any decision making concerned.  This is to ensure that our governors can always be seen to be putting the interest of the school first.  We always check at the beginning of every meeting if anyone's circumstances have changes so the register is always kept up to date.


Currently we have no associate members.

We have 1 governor who is employed at another educational establishment.


Position / Category of GovernorGovernor Name

Date of appointment

Appointed by

End of Terms of Office

Business Interests

Relationships with other Governors

Relationships with staff

Chair / CooptedGeorgina Blair

22 May 2023


19 March 2026

Leeds University



CooptedDate Cates

28 February 2024


28 February 2028




CooptedMark Serby

1 March 2022


1 March 2026

Sheffield Hallam University and Derwent Rural Counselling Service



Staff (support)Joanne Mark

1 March 2022


18 October 2025




HeadteacherJenny Wilkes1 March 2023 





ParentSarah Bondzulic

28 November 2022


28 November 2026




Staff (teaching)Vacancy   


Becoming a School Governor

This programme highlights the role of a school governor and how governors add value to the work of the school.

 Attendance register of governors over previous 12 months

 Getting in touch with a governor


 If you'd like to get in touch with a governor, please ring school and ask for James Benn, Clerk to the Governors who will give you contact details. He can be contacted on or by phoning the school on 01246 234626


Historic (governors stepped down in the last 12 months)

Hayley Spencer - Parent Governor - Appointed by parents - End of terms of office 28.10.2023