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Information for Parents & Carers

Start and finish times

School starts at 8.50am each day. Children should arrive in good time and the doors are opened at 8.40am. All infant children should be brought to the door by their parents/ carers. Reception and Nursery children enter together at the infant entrance. Parents are always welcome to come in with them to help them settle.


Year 1 and Year 2 children enter at the main front door and Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 children enter at the KS2 entrance. We encourage these children to enter school by themselves as they are all familiar with it now. All the doors are manned by teachers and senior leaders.


If your child is late for school (after 8.50am) they must come to the front main door so we can take a record of what time they arrived for school.


If you are anxious about leaving your child for any reason, please feel you can phone the school office and the staff there will be happy and settled and report back to you.


The school day finishes at 3.15pm and parents of infant children wait outside at the appropriate doors for them to be brought out. We only release children to a known adult that we are expecting, so please make sure you keep us informed should anybody other than the parents/ carers be collecting your child. You will also need to make sure your nominated person is on our list of ‘approved people’ that you as a parent have chosen and that they know your unique password. If your child is not picked up for any reason we will keep them safe until you arrive.


It is really important that we keep the area around school as safe as possible so we would ask that you park your cars responsibly. Don’t double park or park up on the pavements. We also request that children don’t cycle down the school drive as it’s steep and they can find it hard to slow down for pedestrians.


Absence reporting

Please phone the school office (01246 234 626) at the first opportunity to let us know if your child is going to be either late or absent from school. You will need to ring each day your child is away from school. If you’d prefer you can text us on 07786 208450, we always pick these up.


Attendance and term time holidays

Good school attendance and punctuality are really important to us. Our target is for 96% attendance as a whole school. Government legislation means we can only authorise time out of school in ‘exceptional circumstances’. All planned absence must be notified at least 2 weeks in advance using the ‘exceptional leave of absence request’ forms from the school office or on the website. Regrettably family holidays do not qualify; therefore these will have to be marked on your child’s record as unauthorised. If you do decide to take a family holiday in term time you are very likely to receive a penalty notice. If you take a holiday without informing us or pretend your child is ill, you will always be issued with a penalty notice.



Our school uniform comprises of a Forest Green sweatshirt or cardigan with the William Rhodes logo embroidered on to it; white polo shirt or white school shirt; black or grey trousers, shorts or skirts and sensible black school shoes. In the summer, green gingham dresses are allowed. Some parents buy the unbranded Forest Green sweatshirts or cardigans from the supermarket and this is fine.

All children need white round necked t-shirts, black or blue shorts and black pumps for PE.

It is vital that any items of school uniform are named as it’s impossible to establish ownership without.

Please ensure children have the clothes they need for the day e.g. a waterproof coat or a sun hat if necessary and their PE kit.


How the classes are organised

Nursery children are in Owls Class

Reception children are in Rabbits Class

Year 1 children are in Hedgehogs Class

Year 2 children are in Foxes Class

Year 3 children are in Jays Class

Year 4 children are in Kingfishers Class

Year 5 children are in Nightingales Class

Year 6 children are in Woodpeckers Class


Who’s who and who does what

Senior leadership team

Rachel Purvis - Headteacher

Sal Towers - Assistant Headteacher (Head of Upper School and Pastoral Lead)

Jayne Jackson - Assistant Headteacher (SENCO & Head of Lower School)

Rachel Cass - Early Years leader & Phonics Coordinator


Teaching teams

Y6 Woodpeckers

Zoe Farrow- Y6 teacher (Mon & Tues)

Sue Steer – Y6 teacher (Wed, Thurs & Fri)

Andy Brown – Y6 SEN teaching assistant


Y5 Nightingales

Sal Towers- Y5 teacher

Sandra Gregson – Y5 higher level teaching assistant


Y4 Kingfishers

Amanda Elliott - Y4 teacher

Lisa Blakemore - Y4 teaching assistant


Y3 Jays

Catherine Ward - Y3 teacher

Dawn Jones - Y3 teaching assistant

Lisa Sparrow – Y3 teaching assistant


Junior PPA Cover

Andy Brown - Higher level teaching assistant


Y2 Foxes

Saira Ibrahim - Y2 teacher

Rachel Platts - Y2 teaching assistant

Nicci Boler – Y2 teaching assistant


Y1 Hedgehogs

Jayne Jackson - Y1 teacher

Joanne Dudley - Y1 higher level teaching assistant

Kerry Watkins – Y1 teaching assistant

Joanne Mark - Y1 SEN teaching assistant

Sue Slater – Y1 teaching assistant


Reception Rabbits

Rachel Cass - EYFS teacher

Jo Naylor – SEN teaching assistant

XXXX - Early years educator

XXXX – Early years apprentice


Nursery Owls

Dawn Harris - EYFS teacher

Sue Slater - Early years educator


Infant PPA

Dawn Harris - teacher



Jayne Jackson - SENCO

Joe Mark - SEN teaching assistant

Jo Naylor - SEN teaching assistant

Andy Brown - SEN teaching assistant

Tracy McGirr - SEN teaching assistant

Lisa Sparrow - SEN interventions

Lisa Blakemore – SEN interventions

Joanne Mark - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Lisa Sparrow – Emotional Literacy Support Assistant


Forest Schools

Joanne Dudley - Forest School Leader

Andy Brown - Forest School Practitioner



Joanne Mark – Nurture leader

Louise Youson – Children & Family Support Worker


Office team

Roz Hermansen - School Business Assistant

Megan Cook - School Business Assistant

Nicola Ward - Temporary School Business Manager


Children & family support team & pastoral care

Rachel Purvis - Headteacher & designated safeguarding lead

Louise Youson - Children & family support worker & deputy designated safeguarding lead

Sal Towers - Assistant headteacher & deputy designated safeguarding lead


Breakfast team

Linda Grattage - Breakfast club leader

Joanne Mark - Play leader / Breakfast service

Kerry Watkins - Play leader / Breakfast service


Lunchtime team

Janet Batterson - Lunch service

Mel Hamilton - Lunch service

Suzanne Cook - Midday supervisor

Linda Grattage - Midday supervisor & first aid

Claire Wiltshier - Midday supervisor & first aid

Mel Pizer - Midday supervisor

June Lawrence - Midday supervisor

Kerry Watkins - Play leader (KS1)

Nicci Boler - Play leader (KS1)

Rachel Platts - Play leader (KS1)

Dawn Jones - Play leader (KS2)

Lisa Sparrow - Play leader (KS2)

Lisa Blakemore - Play leader (KS2)


Cleaning & Caretaking

Alan Twigg - Caretaker

Robert Davenport - Caretaker

Shaurna Stott- Cleaner

Glynn Carrington - Cleaner

Mel Hamilton -Cleaner

Karen Hancock - Cleaner


Food and drink

We offer all children (from Reception-Y6) a free daily breakfast. We always serve cereal and toast and often serve a hot meal such as beans or spaghetti rings on toast. We open the doors at 7.45am each day and as long as children arrive before 8.20am, they can always have a delicious, healthy meal with their friends each morning. All Nursery and Reception children are offered free milk each day and Infant and Junior children are given a free piece of fruit or a vegetable at first break.


At lunchtime, we buy our school meals from Parkside which serve healthy hot meals every day at a current cost of £2.10. Many children are eligible for Free School Meals and we would encourage you to ask in the office as it’s very easy to apply. A ‘Universal Free School Meal’ programme began in September 2014 and all infant children are provided with a free school lunch even if they don’t meet usual Free School Meal criteria. If your child will be having a packed lunch, it can be safely stored on our trolleys outside the classroom.


The children are able to access fresh water at any point during the day from the sinks or water coolers in the classroom. We encourage children to bring their own bottles which we ask are regularly taken home and thoroughly washed. We do have some spare cups in the classroom so that no-one is thirsty.


If any child brings any food to share with other children (buns on their birthday, for example) these must be left with the teacher as some pupils have a restricted diet and mustn’t eat certain foods.


Home/school communication/ organisation

We know how important good home/ school communication is and always want you to feel listened to and to have your questions answered. Teachers are available every morning for you to talk to if you have a concern about your child. The Headteacher and Children and Family Support Worker can be found at the main entrance and the Assistant Headteacher is always on the junior door.


The school website is a great source of information and has all the calendar dates and other important information on it, including current and past newsletters.


When we do give out letters for children to take home, we encourage them to share them with you, but it’s helpful to check their bags on a daily basis as we sometimes find them in a crumpled heap in the bottom of their bags.


If you want to get directly through to the Headteacher, you can ring 01246 234 626 and ask for Rachel Purvis or email her on


Illness, medicines and injuries

Please make sure we have all the medical information we need about your child e.g. if they suffer from asthma. If they are ill and you are unsure whether to send them to school please ring and ask advice. Some relatively minor illnesses such as diarrhoea or vomiting need a couple of days off school to ensure a tummy bug is not being unnecessarily spread about, but it’s always worth checking as good attendance is really important to us and we don’t want children missing school unnecessarily.


If your child needs medicine whilst at school e.g. completion of a course of antibiotics you need to complete a ‘medicines administration form’ available from the school office or on the school website. All medicine is kept securely in our First Aid Room, with the exception of asthma inhalers which are kept accessible in the classrooms.


If your child has an injury whilst at school we will administer first aid. We will contact you immediately if is anything more serious. If they have bumped their head we will text you and issue a bump note which has advice on the back about possible signs of concussion.


Toys in school

We do not allow children to bring toys into school as things sometimes get mislaid or damaged causing unnecessary upset.


After school clubs

After school clubs are held most nights of the week and there are lots of exciting opportunities for children, including sports clubs, computer club & colouring club. To see the full range of clubs available, please look at our school website on All clubs are free to attend.

There are sometimes limits on the numbers of children we can accommodate. All infant children must be collected after clubs and juniors can only walk home if we have signed permission from parents. Please collect your child promptly at 4.15pm from the main front door.



All children, even those in the Early Years, have some tasks to complete at home each week. In the infants these will include reading, learning high frequency words and a range of counting and number activities. In the juniors a piece of homework is set for each night of the week and will include reading, spellings, times tables, an English and a maths activity. If your child would like extra books to read at home, books can always be borrowed from our class by arrangement with the teacher.



Please share any concerns you may have about any aspect of your child’s schooling with the class teacher in the first instance. If it is of a more serious or confidential nature then please speak to the Headteacher directly. Should you wish to make a more formal complaint, which you don’t feel could be resolved by the headteacher, please speak to our Chair of Governors (name and contact details available in the school office). You may also contact Ofsted to make a complaint to the regulating authority on 0300 123 4666 if it’s a general complaint about the quality of education or safety of children. Ofsted do not investigate complaints about individual cases. If you have worries about malpractice at the school please see the ‘Confidential reporting Code’ procedure on our website.


Further information

All staff are very happy to answer any of your questions at the beginning or end of each school day. Further information on dates, policies and procedures are available either on the school website or by request from the school office.