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Who's Who

Who’s who and who does what


Meet the teams


Senior leadership team


Rachel Purvis - Headteacher

Sal Towers - Assistant Headteacher  

Jayne Jackson - Assistant Headteacher & SENCO

Rachel Cass - Early Years leader 

James Benn - School Business Manager


Teaching teams


Y6 Woodpeckers

Zoe Farrow- Y6 teacher

Sue Steer – Y6 teacher


Y5 Nightingales

Sal Towers- Y5 teacher

Dawn Jones - Y4/Y5 teaching assistant


Y4 Kingfishers

Amanda Elliott - Y4 teacher 

Dawn Jones - Y4/Y5 teaching assistant


Y3 Jays

Sandra Gregson - Y3 teacher

Lisa Sparrow – Y3 teaching assistant


Mixed Juniors Badgers

Julie Brookes – teacher

Kerry Watkins – teaching assistant


Y2 Foxes

Saira Ibrahim - Y2 teacher

Nicci Boler – Y2 teaching assistant


Y1 Hedgehogs

Dawn Harris – Y1 teacher

Sue Slater –Y1 teaching assistant


Reception Rabbits

Rachel Cass - EYFS teacher

Danielle Raybould - Early years educator 

Mel Pizer - EYFS Learning support assistant 


Nursery Owls 

Joanne Dudley - Nursery Leader 

Mel Pizer - EYFS Learning Support Assistant



SEND team

Jayne Jackson - SENCO

Julie Brookes - Badgers teacher

Kerry Watkins - Badgers teaching assistant

Dawn Jones - individual & group SEND work

Kerry Watkins - individual & group SEND work

Lisa Sparrow – speech & language



Nurture/ Pastoral team

Joanne Mark - Family Worker & Emotional Support Assistant

Kerry Watkins - Nurture


Office team

James Benn – School Business Manager

Ailsa Hiscocks - School Business Assistant

Megan Cook - School Business Assistant


Children & family support team 

Rachel Purvis - Headteacher & designated safeguarding lead

Sal Towers - Assistant headteacher & deputy designated safeguarding lead

Joanne Mark - Family Worker & deputy designated safeguarding lead


Breakfast team

Linda Grattage - Breakfast club leader

Joanne Mark - Play leader / Breakfast service

Kerry Watkins - Play leader / Breakfast service


Lunchtime team

Janet Batterson  - Lunch service

Mel Hamilton - Lunch service

Suzanne Cook - Midday supervisor

Linda Grattage - Midday supervisor & first aid

June Lawrence - Midday supervisor & first aid

Paula Duckmanton – Midday supervisor

Lynn Miles – Midday supervisor

Mel Pizer - Midday supervisor

Elisha Henman – Midday supervisor

Sue Slater  - Play leader (KS1)

Dawn Jones - Play leader (KS2)

Andy Brown - Play leader (KS2)

Joanne Dudley - Play Leader (KS1)

Joanne Mark - Family worker - (KS2)


Cleaning & caretaking team

Alan Twigg - Caretaker

Linda Grattage - Caretaker & cleaner

Elinor Bannister- Cleaner

Natalie Preece - Cleaner

Mel Hamilton -Cleaner

Elisha Henman - Cleaner